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This Train is About Ready

Our client base is fairly diverse. We help businesses ranging from a rock quarry in Central Texas, to a growing bank group in Colorado, to an Atlanta-based restaurant group. In addition, we’ve been very lucky the last few years to work with some of the country’s best up and coming craft breweries – designing beer can and beer bottle label art, creating logos, working up art for tap handles and web sites.  Currently, with the always-creative visiting MAD Freak Steve (aka “MonkeyBoy”) Chandler leading the charge, we are in the middle of a fun brewery re-branding project. Can’t reveal all quite yet, but here’s a little sip of the new logo.

newslice1 newslice2

More to come. Soon.


A New Office and More


Well folks, in June The MAD House packed up all of its stuff and bid Austin, Texas farewell. We landed in a little slice of paradise on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast, or as the marketing pieces call it, The Forgotten Coast.  So, our address says Carrabelle, but we’re not actually in Carrabelle. That’s where our PO Box is. Many reasons for the move, mostly personal. Let’s just say it was time and we’re glad to be here.

Cow abunga
Cow abunga

We miss Austin and all of its cool. We miss our friends, Barton Springs, the music, Maudie’s, Bert’s BBQ, Gueros, Gourmands and too many other favorite restaurants, and the crazy-good craft beer scene – all of the things that will make it fun to visit Austin. We don’t miss the trying-too-hard-to-be-hipness, the insane traffic, the overtaxed (literally) and underperforming infrastructure, the 100-plus degree days, and the influx of outworlders – all things that will make it easy to come back home to Florida after visiting Austin.

Life moves a different pace here. Many restaurants in the area are only open Thursday through Sunday when the tourists flock to the area for fishing, beaching, birding, golfing and exploring. I found a few places with craft beer. There’s even a craft brewery (Oyster City Brewing) over in Apalachicola and another in Tallahassee (Proof). Beer festivals are in full swing right now with fests within easy “driving-to” range – though, a hotel in lieu of the “driving-back” is probably a good idea. For a fairly rural area, Florida’s law enforcement agencies give this area of the state plenty of attention. Following the rules of the road makes for a happy trip.


We find that extra planning goes into our travels to nearby bergs. You know, while in Crawfordville (30 miles away) visiting the screen printer, be sure to stop at WalMart for bacon (because name-brand bacon costs twice as much at the local IGA, and I needs my bacon). Or, if I’m heading to Tallahassee (50 miles away) to go to the airport or, say, meet with that beer prospect, better hit Costco for gas, bottled water and K-cups. Then swing by Whole Foods for produce (making sure to take the ice chest so I can keep things cool and fresh until I get home), and grab shrimp at that seafood place in Panacea because the seafood place in Carrabelle is closed today. These little things can have an impact if not carefully planned. Can’t just run over to the HEB for dinner fixings or grab a T-Man from Bert’s for lunch anymore.



Yep, it’s a bit different here. That’s what we fell in love with when we first visited a couple of years ago. Work is still the same for us both. We both are able to work from our home offices like we did in Austin. As long as we have cell coverage and internet, we’re in good shape. The airport’s an hour away when we need to travel. And work, we do. It can be quite consuming. Sometimes, even though we’re in the same house, we don’t see each other the entire day.

And that’s O.K. Because, on a Friday afternoon, we can knock off a little early and head for the beach. In the evening, I can take Mrs. MADHouseLarry to our favorite spot on “the island” for hot shrimp, redneck caviar and cold craft beers while the blazing orange sun sets into the bay. We like this place. It’s a delightful blend of locals and tourists all ready to put the week behind them and slide into island time for the next two days. Everyone is happy. Everyone is friendly. No one is trying-too-hard-to-be-hip.

Sunset following a summer storm over Appalacicola Bay


Next time:  Some new stuff The MAD Freaks have been working on.

From Deep River into The MAD House


We’re happy to announce Deep River Brewing Company in Clayton, North Carolina has chosen The MAD House to design cans for a number of their beers. Here is a press release from the brewery:



“On the eve of our 1 year anniversary Deep River is taking a BIG step in making our beer much more accessible to all craft beer lovers. How you say? We will be canning our beers starting April 15th!

Back in December, the company purchased a brand new canning line that will enable us to package our beers into 16 ounce cans. We are excited to take this step because that means you can have Deep River beers at the beach, golf courses, pool, and everywhere you can imagine!! Plus we have been picked up by Harris Teeter grocery stores and will expand our presence at Whole Foods Markets and local bottle shops.

Be on the lookout for launch parties around the Triangle and be sure to ask your local retailer for Deep River beers!!”

Here are the first three you should see soon. More will follow.


We called upon Visiting Design Freak Robert Lin to help translate the owners’ ideas into aluminum art. Drawing heavily on the active outdoor lifestyle of the owners and many of the brewery’s fans, Robert created a basic template with interchangeable elements to represent the different beers. Seasonal and one-off releases will have their own unique look.

Also under way are designs for the brewery’s delivery vehicles and a special anniversary logo. Look for the cans to hit the shelves in the Clayton/Raleigh area in the next few weeks.


Package design perplexations (Is that a word)? Anyway, contemplating package design but just too busy brewing to give cans, bottles, milk trucks a second thought? Let us help. Holler at us today!

Intuition to Offer Bombers at Jags Games


Intuition Ale Works called upon The MAD House recently to morph our can designs for their three flagship brands to fit labels for 22oz bomber bottles. Visiting MAD Design-Freak, Derrit Derouen, took the original can designs, pulled the elements apart, and rebuilt the brand puzzle on a label.

Intuition expects to begin selling these special bombers only at the home field of the  Jacksonville Jaguars, EverBank Field, beginning this football season. Look for them at special kiosks on game days. IAW beers in bombers are I-10 West Coast IPA, People’s Pale Ale, and Jon Boat Coastal Ale. Not to worry, there will not be glass bottles breaking around the stadium. Vendors will pour the craftbeer into big plastic cups.

Here’s a quick look at what they’ll look like.

Jags Fans Rejoice. Good Craft Beer Soon At EverBank!
Jags Fans Rejoice. Good Craft Beer Soon At EverBank!


Looking for groovalicious design? Let’s talk!

Welcome Zoe


The MAD House is pleased to announce our can design for Austin-based craft brewery Hops & Grain Brewings beer, Zoe, went into production last week and lucky Texans should start seeing the cans on the shelves soon. The MAD House’s visiting design-savant, Derrit Derouen, is responsible for the look and feel of the Zoe can and did a great job sticking with established Hops & Grain branding elements while giving Zoe her own vibrant identity. See other Hops & Grain work by The MAD House HERE.

Hops & Grain Zoe can - Design by The MAD House
Hops & Grain Zoe can – Design by The MAD House
Photo: Hops & Grain Brewing
Pallets of Zoe in the brewery, Photo: Hops & Grain Brewing

Are you looking for unique, eye-catching designs for your products’ packaging? Fill out this form to have one of our counselors contact you and discuss ways to get your company on the road to brand wellness today.


Bank’s Loan Campaign Sweet Like Sugar


The MAD House recently launched a new campaign featuring our client’s, Bank of the San Juans, loan products. Now, we don’t push products very often, but when we do, it’s crucial to maintain the same brand voice we created and have been evolving for the last fifteen years. Look elsewhere on this blog and you’ll see examples of that voice.

Happy. Friendly. Neighborly. Smiling. Know you name. Shake your hand. Look you in the eye. Honest, sound banking. Like it should be.

One Big Happy Little Bank.

It’s this image and voice, to which everyone at the bank subscribes  and lives, that sets Bank of the San Juans apart from the other banks in their region. Sure, there are some who try the talk, but most stumble badly on the walk. We even see banks here in Texas trying to capture the spirit of what were doing with this little Colorado bank. And, as the kids would say, “FAIL”.  Like most successful branding efforts, it’s a commitment from top to bottom, and at Bank of the San Juans they see it through.

So, taking that voice to the bank’s product sales was our mission here. We did so by losing any hard sell, not getting specific on particular loan products, and making the process non-threatening. The ads use the same design, art direction and copy style as our image ads.

We have ads running regionally on the Wall Street Journal online network of sites, some national real estate sites and the local newspaper’s web site. Print ad support comes from the daily newspaper with an ad spelling out our landing page:, and display ads in the two weeklies in the area.


Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.14.21 PM
Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.14.30 PM
Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 10.41.12 AM
Sugar print ad
No Emus print ad
HLB print ad
Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 3.30.43 PM
Sweet Loan Action campaign landing page

You can see more of The MAD House’s work for Bank of the San Juans HERE.