Reminder for Small Companies: Keeping Your Brand Relevant, Representative, and Relatable

Bethany Pinzur is back and she wants to know if you are keeping your brand relevant, representative and relatable. Read on…

Whether your  brand is new or old, big or small, local, national or international, you must constantly review it, adjusting and updating as necessary. Keeping your brand relevant to the company, representative of how customers view and use your services, and relatable to potential clients requires consistent dedication.

This consistency keeps your brand current, avoiding the need for emergency revisions and moving the brand forward as the company advances.


As your company grows, expands its services and client base, and takes on other new challenges, the brand must grow with it. Keeping the brand relevant to your company’s foundational principles, production and advancement strategies, and short- and long-term goals ensures three essential results:

  1. Effective marketing to new customers
  2. Focused energy toward company goals
  3. Consistent service to existing clients


It is imperative that your brand show not only how you view your company, but also accurately represent how your customers see and use your products or services.

  • Is the overall tone of your brand consistent with the context in which clients use it?
  • Does the marketing coincide with actual use?
  • Can potential clients get an accurate picture of the company’s personality as current clients know it?
  • Do brand value and promise measure up to customer experience?
  • In what ways does customer perception effect your brand’s identity?

Consistently asking these questions and eliciting client feedback to ensure honest answers keeps your brand representative of actual customer perceptions and perspectives.


As an integral component of marketing to future clients, you must ensure that your brand is relatable to their needs. When they encounter your brand, it should clearly address three fundamental questions.

  1. Will this company help me reach my goals?
  2. Is this company’s methods compatible with mine?
  3. How can I best work with this company to my benefit?

If potential customers consistently find your brand relates to their needs and advancement, your company will continue attracting new clients and growing.


Consistently keeping a finger on your company’s pulse and revising the brand as necessary will naturally keep it relevant, representative, and relatable. This process, especially important for small or new companies, attracts new clients, keeps current customers satisfied, and results in consistent company growth. Want to learn more? Let us help!