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The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

Our staff chipped in on this quick read regarding a Simple Brand Promise. Read on …

Articulating and delivering a simple brand promise can be difficult when you are trying to establish your company. You want to feed a need and satisfy a desire at the same time. This is something most customers are looking for when they make a purchase. 

Keep Focused

As companies and organizations grow, brand promises may become diluted and distract from the original idea. Not only is this dangerous territory, but it tends to confuse your customers. It results in lost profit and decreased visibility. 

In many cases, these problems arise because the business is trying to capture a wide range of markets instead of concentrating on their core audience. Always keep your main products in mind in order to stay focused on your promise to deliver quality. Whether you create craft beers and hard ciders or wines and juices, look at your labels closely to make sure they carry the right message to your customers. Hiring specialists for the job can help you hit ground running. 

Simple, Effective Labels 

An effective brand stewardship delivers your message while presenting it to your customers is an entertaining format. Keep it simple and direct, this will prevent your ideas from getting lost in busy labeling. Professional designs can embellish everything from your cans to the tap handles. They will get your message in front of customers in a variety of locations. 

The easiest way to meet your brand promise is to make the message clear with direct labeling on your website and in your marketing tools. Everything from your swag and sign to the napkins and placemats should work together to identify your product and your message. This identifies you the minute they see your logo.  Contact us to discuss how to keep your message from wandering and deliver on your promises.


Opening a Business? Start with Branding and End with Success

This week, MAD Contributor-Freak Sandy Gates thinks properly branding a new business leads to success.

Finally, you have made the life changing decision–going into business for yourself. Yikes! That is one scary, exciting decision, but working for someone else is just so unsatisfying. So, what’s next?

Well then, where to go from here?

You have done your homework, research, and have the needed funds. Let’s say you have decided to use your talents to open a craft beer brew pub. BANG. There is the brand. A brew pub. Not just a dive bar, no ambience joint, but a real, high quality, fun, neighborhood, crowd drawing brew pub. From all the reading and meetings, you’ve learned that success is achieved through hard-hitting branding.

You grab a pen and pad beginning the all important list to get your brand created, being sure you will stand out in the crowd, and get those doors open:

A name for the pub

Catchy and fun, but sophisticated enough to attract the   customers who will do anything for a great tasting brew.

Business cards

Visually appealing and easy to read, nice logo, using high quality card stock.


This is key toward success of the business. It must look absolutely professional including the needed tabs and pages with email and social media connected to it. That way, your customer list will grow like a mature hops vine.


What avenue should you take? Budget? Who to target with which media?

Sure, you could do all of this yourself. Or, perhaps, you could call in that favor from your brother-in-law who took that art class that time. But, after some serious thought about the business that will be your livelihood, you realize you may need a reputable professional to create and get this brand out. The MAD House specializes in the entire marketing package–the creative process,  branding, graphic design and advertising. The MAD House has the experience to create the brand and design for the cans, bottle labels, tap handles, and even the swag! Today, the brew pub may just be a dream, but in the near future it will be a successful small business! Contact us to begin the branding and advertising process today.

What’s the Value of Branding?

by madhouselarry contributor Joy Silha

Branding is a promise. It’s a promise that tells your consumer who you are, what you stand for and the great experience you’re going to deliver. In today’s world, promising a quality experience is what it’s all about.

So, what’s an experience?

It’s an adventure…an escapade…a happening …a lifestyle event….a new taste…something visceral. It’s emotional. It’s unique. A brand that delivers an experience connects a consumer to who they want to be.

Branding is about connecting to dreams and aspirations, and building a story that emotionally touches the consumer. When your consumer sees your brand, you want them to say: “That’s me! That’s what I want to experience or who I want to be!”

What does that do for you?

Consumers become advocates. They get on social media and scream about your brand. They rave about their amazing experience, they display the graphics of your cool product or service and they motivate their friends. They’re passionate. A brand that delivers an experience that connects to their dream of themselves is memorable, and consumers want to come back for more…with their friends.


How do small businesses create a brand that generates this kind of consumer passion?

Sure, Apple did it – think different, be creative, stand out from the crowd. Starbucks did it – enjoy a stimulating experience outside the home that is more than coffee. But how does a small business, a craft brewery, a bank, a restaurant or a local service create that kind of engagement? Here are a few tips:

  • Link your product or service to an experience that resonates with your audience. Give it feeling.
  • Hook into what your audience dreams about, what they yearn for, what they imagine.
  • Tempt your customers to buy your product or service through great design. Make it that good.
  • Communicate a “look” that suggests you are passionate about what you’re offering.

At The MAD House we think there’s one more important ingredient:  make your workplace exciting, engaging, fun and creative. Your brand or service reflects the soul of your organization – create an open environment so great ideas break the mold and come forward.

Branding’s value is its ability to you define who you are, you offer a unique experience and you engage people. Contact us if you want to disrupt the status quo and connect with your audience.