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The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

Our staff chipped in on this quick read regarding a Simple Brand Promise. Read on …

Articulating and delivering a simple brand promise can be difficult when you are trying to establish your company. You want to feed a need and satisfy a desire at the same time. This is something most customers are looking for when they make a purchase. 

Keep Focused

As companies and organizations grow, brand promises may become diluted and distract from the original idea. Not only is this dangerous territory, but it tends to confuse your customers. It results in lost profit and decreased visibility. 

In many cases, these problems arise because the business is trying to capture a wide range of markets instead of concentrating on their core audience. Always keep your main products in mind in order to stay focused on your promise to deliver quality. Whether you create craft beers and hard ciders or wines and juices, look at your labels closely to make sure they carry the right message to your customers. Hiring specialists for the job can help you hit ground running. 

Simple, Effective Labels 

An effective brand stewardship delivers your message while presenting it to your customers is an entertaining format. Keep it simple and direct, this will prevent your ideas from getting lost in busy labeling. Professional designs can embellish everything from your cans to the tap handles. They will get your message in front of customers in a variety of locations. 

The easiest way to meet your brand promise is to make the message clear with direct labeling on your website and in your marketing tools. Everything from your swag and sign to the napkins and placemats should work together to identify your product and your message. This identifies you the minute they see your logo.  Contact us to discuss how to keep your message from wandering and deliver on your promises.

Paying Attention to Packaging Can Drive Up Your Sales

Hey!  Wake up.  Sandy Gates wants you to pay attention to your package design.  Read on.

Have you ever perused the beer aisle when BAM a six pack of a beer you are unfamiliar with grabs your attention? You may know nothing about the brewery, the taste, or if you will actually enjoy the beer at all. But the packaging is just so interesting and has lots of eye candy. Loads of graphics, a funny little story about the owners of the brewery, and the labels on the bottles have a different, famous person on each one. Not only are the people famous, each photo has a theme. One bottle has a politician riding a bull, another bottle has an actress watching a silent movie. Before you know it, the six pack is in your cart, and you are heading for the check-out line.

We are a visually stimulated society which is an important factor in your packaging. From a tap handle to a website, your packaging content can drive sales forward or keep sales flat. And you may be the most talented craft brew master of the tastiest beer in the area but if don’t have an eye for packaging, it may be time to bring in the professionals.

The MAD House is a group who knows branding and marketing, loves to work WITH our clients, and at the same time have fun doing our job. Affordability is of course important to us, but a unique packaging design, along with our well-known reputation can make your new brew come full circle. When you walk through the doors at The MAD House or make the call to one of our representatives, you can be assured we will service your packaging needs and more. Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

4 Ways to Make an Impact with Packaging

Here’s a quickie from MAD Contibutor-Freak Gianna Bartholomew with thoughts on making an impact with packaging.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase: “Don’t judge a book by a cover,” but a book cover is what draws the customer in…of course it is wonderful when the words between the cover are engaging. This is true with many other products and that’s why packaging is so important.

Here are four ways that make packaging attractive and helpful:

  1. Purpose – Packaging helps to guard a product so there isn’t any damage. It has this practical quality in case the product such as a tuna fish can or can of peaches falls off the shelf at a supermarket. The container protects the product.
  2. Marketing – The design of the label on a product sells the product. Of course it helps if the product is a brand well-known, such as Starbucks or McDonald’s, but the label is designed for selling.
  3. Variation – Packaging designs differ from each other. This difference makes the customer respond and understand which brand is which. The designs also help sway decisions.
  4. Ingredients – Packaging is important because it contains nutritional information. If there wasn’t labeling on a product, the customer wouldn’t know what the sugar, carbohydrate, cholesterol content is (or the IBUs and ABV either!). It’s a necessity to have this information on the label.

The label on a bottle, can or sunscreen tube needs to appeal hands down to the customer. If it doesn’t grab the customer’s attention from the shelf, a person will just pass on by. Of course the product has to shine, but the label is necessary…the product can stand alone if it’s good, but packaging sells!

Any questions? Please contact Us. Thanks.

Design Innovative Packaging To Complement Innovative Products

MAD Contributor-Freak David Caissie is back this week and is suffering from innovative packaging on the brain.

So you think you’ve stumbled on the next truly great product to hit the marketplace, eh? You’ve got the next iPhone, Keurig, or portable GPS navigation system ready to take the world by storm; and it’s time to unveil it to the public with all the pomp and circumstance your organization can muster. There will be a press release, a PowerPoint presentation, and maybe even goodie bags for all your esteemed colleagues and guests to take home as a reminder of how awesome the product they just saw is. Guess what? It could all mean absolutely nothing if the packaging isn’t just as innovative as the product itself. When changing the world through product innovation, you also need strong branding and great packaging to effectively bring it to the people.

  • Consider The Experience – All of the Apple users out there know and love the experience of buying a new iPhone or MacBook. You remove the clear plastic film to unveil that plain white box. You gently slide the top portion of the box off the bottom to reveal your gorgeous state-of-the-art, brand spankin’ new iPhone … with no instructions of course. It’s the experience of knowing that you are buying something so incredibly cool that the written word isn’t even necessary or capable of accurately describing it. Just power it on and immerse yourself in the simplistic, but beautifully poetic design of the entire experience … Now that’s good packaging!
  • Go Green – If a customer is trying to choose between two very similar products, but one of them advertises eco-friendly packaging, it may be just the thing that sways them toward your product over the competition. Green packaging doesn’t have to be boring or look inferior either. It can be just as vibrant and eye-catching if that’s what you’re going for. Just make sure the customer knows that they are buying green, so hopefully it convinces them to buy your product instead of the other guy.
  • Dare To Be Different – Just because Apple has taken the idea of minimalistic design to new heights doesn’t mean you have to play copycat. The target audience for your innovative product may respond better to more substantial design methods. It all depends on what your product is and how that particular consumer sees themselves. For instance, a company like Lowe’s has used a bold blue color scheme and somewhat manly packaging design very successfully for many years now. The key is to know your product and your target consumer inside and out.

The MAD House can help you design creative, innovative, and effective packaging through our dedication to creativity, design, and elite customer service. Please contact us for more information today.

Differentiation – Ask yourself how is your company/brand/product truly different from the competition?

This week, MAD Contributor-freak Helen Jarden has something different to share.

Differentiation – how is your company/brand/product truly different from the competition?

Creating a unique image for your company is important. Customers are more likely to remember your products and come back for more if your brand is rememberable. However, a lot of companies don’t understand how to be unique. Often times, the generic ways to look different end up doing the opposite. Here are two tips on how to make yourself unique, and what to avoid when following them.

Be Specific. Before we begin, imagine a shelf full of products created by hundreds of different companies, all of which are promising to do the same thing. In order to stand out, companies commonly attempt to slap generic labels on the packaging. However, “We use premium ingredients!” and “This tastes better!” doesn’t sound so promising to customers when everyone says that.

Using specific details is what gets their attention. Instead of simply saying premium ingredients, say what those great ingredients are. For example, “We use non-gmo organic wheat!” is going to make customers feel good about buying your product. Instead of just mentioning taste, remind the customer why it tastes amazing. “Our products taste great because they are infused with chocolate” associates good things with your product and therefore customers will be more likely to buy it.

Packaging that packs a punch. Think back to the shelf again. When your product is being compared to all those other brands, you obviously want yours to stand out. First impressions are a big deal for a reason. Whether or not a customer realizes it, they do judge a product on its packaging.

Having professionals design your packaging helps a ton because these people will know how to make your products stand out. Keep in mind that you want to avoid having a bland or overly complicated logo. Make sure that what you are selling catches the eye, but don’t go for the shock factor to do that. When customers look at your products, you want them want to associate it with good things.

The MAD House can help make your brand stand out in a crowd. If you are interested in working with a company that is known for being easy to work with, being creative, and caring about its clients, contact us.