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Branding and Advertising as Part of a Start-Up Company’s Budget

Joshua Andrews writes this week on Branding and Advertising as Part of a Start-Up Company’s Budget. Read on …

Build it and they will come?

What comes to mind when you think of a start-up company’s budget? Maybe the first thing you think of is inventory. Having a product and enough money in the budget to supply that product to the public is certainly an important consideration, but is it the most important thing? What about equipment, or facilities? These are also things you cannot live without when it comes to starting a business but there is another important budget item that you do not want to overlook. You want to make sure you are leaving enough room in your budget for branding. 

First impressions count.

When you are starting a business, you are not just striving to sell a product or service, you are creating a brand. You are building your image. You want to make sure your image is something memorable and instantly recognizable. You are not just selling a product, you are selling a personality. 

Who are you?

Thanks to the phenomena of social media, everyone is branding themselves these days. We all make a point of ensuring that our personal social media accounts are not just reflecting us but that they are reflecting the side of us that we want everyone to know. For millennials in particular, brands are incredibly important. Do not let your start-up be left behind. Think about who it is you want to present to the public and reflect that in your branding. And make sure that you have enough room in your budget to do so. If you want to learn more about branding, get in touch with us today. 

3 Essential Branding Tips For Your Business

3 Essential Branding Tips For Your Business

Neal Litherland has 3 quick tips for branding your business. Read on…

Building a brand is hard, especially in a marketplace where everyone is trying to get noticed. With that kind of fierce competition, it’s important to avoid even the smallest of missteps when it comes to your branding decisions. If you’re looking for some stepping-stones to get you across the river, and into your audience’s face, though, here are three you should consider.

3 Essential Branding Tips For Your Business

Tip #1: Craft The Impression You Want Your Customers To Have

The most important part of branding is deciding how you want to be viewed by your customers. Ask what qualities you want to be associated with you. Do you want to be seen as adventurous? Reliable? Inexpensive? Pick what you want to be associated with, and then come up with a strategy to craft that image.

Tip #2: Bring Your Online and Offline Personas Into Harmony

Every business is online these days. We have websites, blogs, video channels, and dozens of social media pages. The important thing we have to remember is that who we are offline, and who we are online, need to be the same person in a branding sense. Customers who discover you online like the consistency of your in-person business feeling the same. The same is true of customers who find you in-person, and then interact with your company online.

Tip #3: Assume That Everything You Say, Or Do, Will Be On The Record

We live in the digital age, and that means everything we say or do is recorded somewhere. Every social media post, every video, and every email is on the record. So you need to treat your business the same way professional wrestlers used to act; if there’s an audience, you’re in persona. Keep your game face on all the time, and your brand will never suffer.

For more solid branding advice, all you have to do is contact us today!



Image: Vilmos Heim

Don’t Ditch Traditional Media Just Yet

Everybody knows that social media is the next big marketing tool, or perhaps has already taken over as the go-to tool for marketing departments. But don’t give up on traditional media just yet. While social media may be the new kid on the block, there are many reasons why it won’t depose traditional media for a while. Here’s why.

Families Don’t Use Social Media

Most often, advertising on social media platforms will only reach one set of eyes each time the content is delivered. This is because, for as social as social media sounds, people are usually alone when they use it. True, they’ll share stuff they like. But chances are, putting ads in traditional settings means multiple people will be listening or watching when your ad comes on. This can lead to conversation about a product or service that can lead to more sales as opposed to someone who is scrolling through their news feed. You remember conversing in person with one another, right?

 You Can Be More Creative

Many times on social media, a large amount of hard work (i.e.time) can go into creating a social media campaign. Most of this work, however, doesn’t go towards the creative aspect of the campaign, but rather towards fitting all the content a business needs onto a minuscule screen. Larger screens (on TV) and more ad time (radio) allows for marketers to push their product without seeming so pushy.


 Reach More Engaged Audiences

Aside from different demographics, most people are more engaged when dealing with traditional media. Whether it be reading a newspaper, watching TV, or listening to the radio, there is a greater chance that people will be not be distracted by other content such as notifications, text messages, or other apps vying for attention. When your ad is front and center, people are more likely to remember your name.

If you’re interested in traditional media and how it can benefit your business, contact us and we will set you on the path to marketing success.