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How Branding and Advertising Form Your First Relationships

David Gusaas talks about how branding and advertising  form your first relationships.

“Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘yep I like this one’ and then you just do stuff with them” – Step Brothers

Though they of course have their differences, businesses as a whole are not that different from people that we form certain types of relationships with. If we’re lucky enough, they are just as weird as we are, and we come together like a Catalina Wine Mixer. Though, maybe not like the one in the movie..

In starting a business, everyone wants to get to that sweet spot where instead of going out and knocking on doors, people are coming and knocking on yours. The easiest way to do this is through branding and advertising.

Not just understanding this, but taking action on this, requires a strategy that includes branding and advertising as part of your start-up company’s budget, with someone who understands the dynamics of how this works most effectively, while retaining and conveying your company’s unique quirks and personality.

“There are millions of people walking around, there are millions of businesses to choose from – however both of them must earn the right to have a relationship with you.”

This quote from former Ogilvy & Mathers CEO Charlotte Beers, emphasizes this idea that businesses function on a relationship basis, and in a way similar to how our relationships with people in our day-to-day life may become friendships.

Strategies like cold calling and other traditional transactional outreach are at times necessary and even effective to a degree. But without a cohesive human element, and a personality so to speak to attach to the company, a brand to form a relationship with, the transaction remains just that, and is easily replaceable by a newer or cheaper competitor.

The relationship formed by connecting in a human way with a brand that speaks to something in someone else’s own personality, whether it be a certain sense of humor, world view, or other similar sensibilities, leads to identifying with this brand and developing a loyalty to them.

Within this equation, advertising plays a dual role. First, it introduces the brand to people who would otherwise be unaware of it, and it reminds them of the brand afterwards. Additionally, through the type, style, and way you advertise, you further the brand narrative, and connect with potential customers and clients who you will then form a relationship with.

This touches only briefly on how branding and advertising are a vital investment and a necessary part of your company’s successful future, and there is much more to it, so please contact us today to continue the conversation!

Branding Reminders for Small Companies That Seek to Win Big Against Successful Competitors!

J.J. James (MAD Freakus-Contributus) has some branding reminders for small companies going up against established competition.

One of the growing pains that many small companies must propel themselves through when seeking to get ahead in business, is the pain of trying to establish themselves against their already successful competitors. After all, competitors are generally larger, and have more means at their disposal. They are usually able to attract the best employees who have the most experience in their given fields, and already have an understanding of how to see the best amount of growth with the least amount of effort and resources.

Fortunately, there are some simple ideas that a small company can implement that will help establish them as THE most sought after brand. These branding reminders for small companies are inexpensive to put into place, but will provide a huge return on any time and energy that you put into establishing them as commonplace in your business, no matter the size of the company itself.

Cultivate Personal Relationships with Customers

Cultivating personal relationships will take on a unique appearance based on the line of business your company is in, but remember, when creating your own personal brand, letting your customer know they matter will go a long way toward having an opportunity to serve that customer again in the future. Sending out a personalized thank-you gift, such as a fruit basket or box of delectable pastries, will show your customer you appreciate their business and look forward to working for them again.

Consistently Provide A High-Quality Product or Service

It may be easy to impress a customer one time. Being able to continuously provide a product or service that meets or exceeds their expectations is key to establishing your small company’s brand and propelling your company past the competition. Global leadership expert and author Robin Sharma stated it best when he said,

“Daily ripples of excellence, over time, become a tsunami of success.” 

At times, overzealous business leaders within a company look for ways to increase profit margins, and in doing so, degrade the quality of the good or service the company provides. Small companies that seek to win against their already successful competitors can’t afford to risk losing customers because of an inferior product or service. Patience is a virtue that cannot be overlooked when your small company is first trying to establish its own specific brand. Establish yourself as being known for both consistency and excellence in your product and your customer service, and you will quickly and easily earn your customer’s loyalty.

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