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The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

Our staff chipped in on this quick read regarding a Simple Brand Promise. Read on …

Articulating and delivering a simple brand promise can be difficult when you are trying to establish your company. You want to feed a need and satisfy a desire at the same time. This is something most customers are looking for when they make a purchase. 

Keep Focused

As companies and organizations grow, brand promises may become diluted and distract from the original idea. Not only is this dangerous territory, but it tends to confuse your customers. It results in lost profit and decreased visibility. 

In many cases, these problems arise because the business is trying to capture a wide range of markets instead of concentrating on their core audience. Always keep your main products in mind in order to stay focused on your promise to deliver quality. Whether you create craft beers and hard ciders or wines and juices, look at your labels closely to make sure they carry the right message to your customers. Hiring specialists for the job can help you hit ground running. 

Simple, Effective Labels 

An effective brand stewardship delivers your message while presenting it to your customers is an entertaining format. Keep it simple and direct, this will prevent your ideas from getting lost in busy labeling. Professional designs can embellish everything from your cans to the tap handles. They will get your message in front of customers in a variety of locations. 

The easiest way to meet your brand promise is to make the message clear with direct labeling on your website and in your marketing tools. Everything from your swag and sign to the napkins and placemats should work together to identify your product and your message. This identifies you the minute they see your logo.  Contact us to discuss how to keep your message from wandering and deliver on your promises.

How to Articulate and Deliver A Simple Brand Promise

Annie G. writes this week on articulating and delivering a simple brand promise. Read on!

When organizations develop brand promises, they are usually full of good intentions and commitment. But over time, these promises tend to become diluted or vary from the original idea. And even worse, they change in a way that no longer reflects the organization’s values or culture.

That’s dangerous territory for any organization to be in — after all, your brand promise is what makes your product or service desirable in the first place. So what can you do to continue articulating and delivering a simple brand promise as your company grows?

The answer lies in effective brand stewardship of a simple brand promise.

Keep It Simple

If your brand promise is complex, it will eventually morph into something more manageable, or be forgotten altogether. An effective brand promise is a simple one — something that can easily be explained to new hires and effortlessly remembered. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot explain it in one sentence, you have a problem.

Effective Brand Stewardship

Who is responsible for your brand? Who ensures that it is being followed throughout the organization? If the answer is “no one” then go find someone who can commit to protecting your brand and its future. This is especially important for companies experiencing rapid growth. By its very nature, growth makes it difficult to control your brand — yet that is when strong brand stewardship is more important than ever.

And while it may be most effective to have a team of individuals held accountable as brand stewards, the truth is that keeping your brand promise true is the responsibility of the entire organization.

How do you do that?

  • Have clear, direct branding guidelines readily available for all employees
  • Hold brand trainings and include these as part of orientation for all new hires
  • Lead by example and include your brand promise in company meetings when possible
  • Again, keep it simple! If your message and “why” isn’t clear, it won’t be memorable or impactful.

As you can imagine, crafting a simple brand promise and sticking to it is much harder than you might think. Luckily, there’s help available to make it much easier to build a strong, unique brand for your business: The MAD House. Contact us to learn how your business can have a powerful, influential and valuable brand that supports true growth.

More than a slogan: Why a brand promise is such a vital marketing tool

MAD Contributor-Freak, Carrie Schuessler, has some promising words regarding brands.

Read the following brand promises and see if you can name the company:

15 minutes or less can save you 15% or more on car insurance.

Think different.

Expect more. Pay less.

Chances are you guessed them. But what sets apart the Geico, Apple and Target brand promises from the rest? The fact that they actually deliver on them. And this is where your firm must begin as you work to develop your own brand promise.

These statements are more than a catchy slogan. They are a contract between you and your customer. If you do what you promise, your customer is satisfied. If you do more, you have exceeded their expectations. So how do you articulate and deliver a simple brand promise?

Make it measurable

In his article, The Best Brand Promises We’ve Seen, Kevin Leifer offers the example of FedEx:

When FedEx first started out, their brand promise was, “We will get your package to you by 10:30 am the next day.” Time is a measurement we all agree on. If the package arrives prior to 10:30 am, the brand promise is kept. Starting at 10:31 am, the promise is broken. A strong brand promise is easy to measure against.

Target’s slogan of “Expect more. Pay less.” also offers measurability. They promise that their store offers a premium shopping experience without the high price tag. And their tremendous success suggests that customers feel they are keeping this promise.

Don’t make it all about you

A brand promise is not the place for listing your firm’s accomplishments. Instead, it should be used to communicate how you will meet the customer’s needs. Inc’s article, 4 Words or Phrases to Avoid in Your Brand Promise suggests that you “try to answer the question, what role does your business have in the world? “

Avoid the marketing fluff

Be simple. Be concise. Be specific. Consumers can smell a vague, fluffy tagline a mile away. In contrast, offer a content-rich brand promise. Think of the Coors Light slogan, “The World’s Most Refreshing Beer.” These 5 words are packed with meaning. First, they sell beer. (Yes, don’t forget the obvious!) Secondly, their beer is refreshing, which is the purpose of a light beer. Finally, it is the best in the world, which almost issues a challenge to the consumer to taste it to find out.

Do you need help articulating and delivering a simple brand promise? At The MAD House, our specialty is developing dynamic marketing solutions for companies like yours. Contact us today to find out how we can partner with you!