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Paying Attention to Packaging Can Drive Up Your Sales

Hey!  Wake up.  Sandy Gates wants you to pay attention to your package design.  Read on.

Have you ever perused the beer aisle when BAM a six pack of a beer you are unfamiliar with grabs your attention? You may know nothing about the brewery, the taste, or if you will actually enjoy the beer at all. But the packaging is just so interesting and has lots of eye candy. Loads of graphics, a funny little story about the owners of the brewery, and the labels on the bottles have a different, famous person on each one. Not only are the people famous, each photo has a theme. One bottle has a politician riding a bull, another bottle has an actress watching a silent movie. Before you know it, the six pack is in your cart, and you are heading for the check-out line.

We are a visually stimulated society which is an important factor in your packaging. From a tap handle to a website, your packaging content can drive sales forward or keep sales flat. And you may be the most talented craft brew master of the tastiest beer in the area but if don’t have an eye for packaging, it may be time to bring in the professionals.

The MAD House is a group who knows branding and marketing, loves to work WITH our clients, and at the same time have fun doing our job. Affordability is of course important to us, but a unique packaging design, along with our well-known reputation can make your new brew come full circle. When you walk through the doors at The MAD House or make the call to one of our representatives, you can be assured we will service your packaging needs and more. Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs.


What’s on the Outside Counts

Why Craft Beer Packaging Matters is a question that stumps many people. If the beer tastes great, why does the packaging matter? The truth is that packaging can offer huge benefits to a craft brewery. Every label on every beer acts as a mini-billboard for the business. It should be an accurate reflection of the company itself. This will go far in creating a buyer who cares about your company, and can dramatically increase repeat buyers and even create a following for your company. A humorous label design can draw in customers, and clever six can, and twelve can cartons can increase sales by encouraging customers to buy more at one time.

Brand recognition is an important component of selling. The packaging should be easily recognizable throughout the product line, and should demonstrate something about the product you are trying to sell. If your brewery is small and family owned, and that is how you want to be perceived, then your packaging should reflect that. If your company is about environmental integrity, why not show your customers through your branding? Unique packaging will not only help your customers feel more connected to your brewery, but will also allow your brewery to stand out in a crowd and build a bigger customer base.

Effective and creative branding also helps craft beers gain coveted shelf space in grocery stores and local bars. Restaurateurs and buyers love to see a company that is easily recognizable and that stands out in a crowd. People love a company with a good personality and branding that creates a visual representation of that personality. The talented team at The MAD House produces creative and wonderfully unique designs. We will work with you, as a partner, collaborating with you to create the perfect packaging family for your craft brewery.

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Intuition Skinned!

New Web Skin for Intuition Ale Works – The MAD House

The MAD House recently helped Jacksonville, Florida-based craft brewery Intuition Ale Works continue freshening up their brand by designing a new skin for their web site.  Also, we carried the new design over to their email newsletter template. The new skin and newsletter template, designed by MAD Freak Derrit, contain elements from our previous can and tap handle design projects and help tie everything together in a neat package.

Keep an eye open for future fun from this groovy brewery.

Check out their site HERE.

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