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Knock Their Socks Off With Your Packaging

by MAD Contributor-Freak Sylvia Cochran

You do not have a lot of time to turn shoppers into buyers. Even if you have the greatest craft brew on tap, you will join the 85 percent of annually failing products if your packaging does not deliver a Siren’s song that proves irresistible. Much is said about providing consumer education at the point of purchase to show product advantages.

Are You Selling Diapers or Beer?

Does it work? Sure, if you are selling diapers. New first-time moms are notorious for agonizing over decisions involving diapers, baby shampoos and teething rings. Craft beer buyers, on the other hand, are an adventurous lot. They want to be wooed, not schooled. They are looking for the adventure of a taste and a taste bud tickling voyage into new experiences. This is where your packaging needs to promise to take them.

Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville, FL Easy on the Eyes Session IPA can design – Derrit Derouen, The MAD House photo: Intuition Ale Works

Delivering on the Difference

So, what sets you apart from the other brand on the shelf?

  • Relevance. Your product appeals to a certain demographic. Do not try to be Paul, and be all things to all men. Rather, embrace your targeted demographic; coddle it. Masculine colors appeal to … well, you get the picture. But be relevant in other ways, too. For example, eco-friendly containers are a huge selling point. So go ahead, if give your customer something to feel good about.
  • Innovation. Mind you, innovation is not just that you use a better ingredient. Rather, it is the mindset of your company. When your customer buys your product, she or he is reaching out for that innovative entrepreneurial spirit that allows the buyer to share in your success. Of course, this only works when your packaging delivers the invitation.
  • Trendy. Tapping into what is hot and avoiding what is not is a major factor for success. A couple of decades ago, when the green algae craze hit every store shelf in a variety of forms, anything having to do with the fad could not fail. Today, you probably would not be able to give the stuff away. Does your packaging tie into today’s trends and avoid yesteryear’s fiascos?

If all this is making your head spin, just contact us at the MAD House. Packaging? We got that!