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Warren Buffet on Economic Moats and Brand Differentiation

How is your company/brand/product truly different from the competition?

Matthew Cochrane talks about Buffet, brands and moats? Read on:

How is your brand truly different from the competition?

In today’s world, it is hard to distinguish your company’s products and services from a crowded field of rivals. To truly differentiate your company from the competition you will need at least one economic moat. An economic moat is something your company can do better than anybody else. It is a competitive advantage that will keep competitors at bay.

The concept of an economic moat is not new. Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investors who ever lived, says a company’s moat is one of the first characteristics he looks for when considering a business as a potential investment.

In medieval times, land disputes between warring factions were fairly common. To protect themselves from invading armies, villages and castles would build a moat around the castle or town that needed protecting. A moat is a wide, deep ditch often filled with water. This was one of the most of effective defensive measures towns could employ against advancing enemy forces.

In the same way, Buffett explains, companies can build economic moats around their business to protect themselves from the competition. Buffett says, “In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats.” These moats can represent a number of advantages. One of the most devastatingly effective moats that Buffett likes to see in a potential investment is brand power.

Looking for companies with real brand power has been one of Buffett’s secrets to his investing success. Consider Coca-Cola, a company Buffett first invested in decades ago. Warren Buffett has said, “Give me $10 billion dollars and how much can I hurt Coca-Cola around the world? I can’t do it.” Why? Because Coca-Cola makes better sugary, carbonated beverages than anyone else? Not really. It’s because they have successfully built up one of the most recognized brands the world has ever seen.

Building brand power is not easy.

For starters, it takes time and a consistently great product or service to build up a high level of trust with customers. Customers want to know exactly what they’re going to get every single time they make a purchase. One disappointing experience with a product can erase years of good will.

It also takes a special type of marketing savvy to know how to sell your product or service in a way that will have customers associate your brand with high quality, good value, and integrity.

Please contact us for assistance in how to make your company’s brand a “unbreachable moat”.


Is Your Brand Actually Different? 6 Ways to Prove It

Bethany Pinzur has 6 ways to prove your brand is actually different. Read on.

Branding a business can take you great lengths in differentiating it from the competition. As long as it actually is different.

If your answer to “What makes your brand different” resembles “It is the best” or “We have better products,” you need a new answer. Likely, you also need to rethink your brand. If your brand fails in any of the following areas, consider a make-over.

1. Creative

Google has helped all of us over the years, but this is one area that needs extra work: if your brand looks like an image anyone could find in a Google search, you are failing your own company. Creativity prevents the first deadly failure — a generic brand.

2. Representative

Your brand is yours, and as such, it must represent who you are and what you do.  Your brand should tell your unique story in a straightforward but intriguing way.

3. Meaningful

A brand without a meaning displays an aimless company. In addition to expressing exactly what your company represents, your brand should clearly demonstrate the company’s goals and where it is going.

4. Concise

Creative, yes. But also concise. Say what you need to say in the simplest way possible. This not only sets your brand apart as carefully created, but it makes it that much easier to remember and reproduce as need be.

5. Memorable

As just mentioned, a brand that is truly different from the rest stays in the consumers’ mind. A memorable brand is necessary to keep from getting lost in the shuffle. Just simple enough to keep in mind, but intriguing enough to merit remembering.

6. Marketable

If your brand is already creative, representative, meaningful, concise, and memorable, it will also be marketable, the final differentiation. A brand that fits all of those qualifications will sell your company naturally, making all of the hard work of developing it entirely worth it.


So instead of the tired and entirely useless phrases of “It’s the best” or “We always use better products,” use your brand to show the world what sets you apart, what makes you the best. If you are not sure where to start creating your brand, let the professionals at The MAD House help!

Differentiation – Ask yourself how is your company/brand/product truly different from the competition?

This week, MAD Contributor-freak Helen Jarden has something different to share.

Differentiation – how is your company/brand/product truly different from the competition?

Creating a unique image for your company is important. Customers are more likely to remember your products and come back for more if your brand is rememberable. However, a lot of companies don’t understand how to be unique. Often times, the generic ways to look different end up doing the opposite. Here are two tips on how to make yourself unique, and what to avoid when following them.

Be Specific. Before we begin, imagine a shelf full of products created by hundreds of different companies, all of which are promising to do the same thing. In order to stand out, companies commonly attempt to slap generic labels on the packaging. However, “We use premium ingredients!” and “This tastes better!” doesn’t sound so promising to customers when everyone says that.

Using specific details is what gets their attention. Instead of simply saying premium ingredients, say what those great ingredients are. For example, “We use non-gmo organic wheat!” is going to make customers feel good about buying your product. Instead of just mentioning taste, remind the customer why it tastes amazing. “Our products taste great because they are infused with chocolate” associates good things with your product and therefore customers will be more likely to buy it.

Packaging that packs a punch. Think back to the shelf again. When your product is being compared to all those other brands, you obviously want yours to stand out. First impressions are a big deal for a reason. Whether or not a customer realizes it, they do judge a product on its packaging.

Having professionals design your packaging helps a ton because these people will know how to make your products stand out. Keep in mind that you want to avoid having a bland or overly complicated logo. Make sure that what you are selling catches the eye, but don’t go for the shock factor to do that. When customers look at your products, you want them want to associate it with good things.

The MAD House can help make your brand stand out in a crowd. If you are interested in working with a company that is known for being easy to work with, being creative, and caring about its clients, contact us.