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4 Ways to Make an Impact with Packaging

Here’s a quickie from MAD Contibutor-Freak Gianna Bartholomew with thoughts on making an impact with packaging.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase: “Don’t judge a book by a cover,” but a book cover is what draws the customer in…of course it is wonderful when the words between the cover are engaging. This is true with many other products and that’s why packaging is so important.

Here are four ways that make packaging attractive and helpful:

  1. Purpose – Packaging helps to guard a product so there isn’t any damage. It has this practical quality in case the product such as a tuna fish can or can of peaches falls off the shelf at a supermarket. The container protects the product.
  2. Marketing – The design of the label on a product sells the product. Of course it helps if the product is a brand well-known, such as Starbucks or McDonald’s, but the label is designed for selling.
  3. Variation – Packaging designs differ from each other. This difference makes the customer respond and understand which brand is which. The designs also help sway decisions.
  4. Ingredients – Packaging is important because it contains nutritional information. If there wasn’t labeling on a product, the customer wouldn’t know what the sugar, carbohydrate, cholesterol content is (or the IBUs and ABV either!). It’s a necessity to have this information on the label.

The label on a bottle, can or sunscreen tube needs to appeal hands down to the customer. If it doesn’t grab the customer’s attention from the shelf, a person will just pass on by. Of course the product has to shine, but the label is necessary…the product can stand alone if it’s good, but packaging sells!

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Why Craft Beer Packaging Matters to Your Brewing Business

Capturing consumer attention can quickly lead to sales.


Most people don’t want to think that the decisions they make are impulsive. The truth is that many decisions, aren’t made after extensive research. Retail packaging has a huge impact on the buying decision and, with beer shelves getting crowded, craft brewers need to use it to their advantage.

The Importance of Brand Awareness

When researching retail packaging topics, it is important to understand that each industry is a little different. Understanding why craft beer packaging matters is more than learning about logo positioning and bottle colors. Packaging helps you show off your craft and build awareness about your special brew.

When creating brand awareness, you need to stand out, but you also don’t want to be too out of the ordinary or convey the wrong message. No one wants to pick up a beer without knowing a little bit about it.

The perfect packaging should have:

  • An attractive color scheme or pattern
  • A clear company logo and other elements emphasizing your brand
  • A simple, yet unique design that sets it apart from others on the shelf.

On a base level, once you create the perfect packaging design, you can use it to increase brand awareness. The right amount of brand awareness will help you get more loyal customers who feel informed about what they are buying. This can lead to an increase in sales.


Sell Your Product

Packaging is often your chance to make a first impression. You need a professional look that clearly shows what your product is and how it can be used. It needs to help your product pop on the shelves.

Think about what you want people to think or feel when it comes to your brew and brewery. Then, think of ways to convey that message in three seconds or less. If you need help, consider working with a professional design team with experience in craft beer marketing.

If you aren’t sure how you can improve your current packaging to increase sales, contact us today. We will be happy to listen, and help you create attractive packaging that can really make a difference.

Packaging in a Short Attention-Span Society

Everywhere you go, you see it: packaging.

Whether on a pack of gum or a box of condoms or even on a bottle of your favorite craft beer, you see it. You probably don’t think about it when you go for the package with the bright colors and the intriguing tagline while the other drab packages somehow slip through unnoticed.

Your brain eats up computer images and fast media. Your brain craves something immediately eye-catching and entertaining to the eye.

Your brain craves the same sort of fast images you see on your computer screen. Because of this, you need to use the same principles in your packaging as you would in perhaps designing a website: best known as C.R.A.P.

C.R.A.P goes as follows:

Contrast: You need contrast of color and shapes in order to attract the human eye. The human eye loves contrast. The human eye craves contrast. For example, use complementary colors as they look good together. Also, potential buyers won’t strain their eyes reading the label.

Repetition: In the world of web design, repetition is the concept of using the same style and patterns throughout the whole of the website. While producing your product packaging, this is important for putting a whole brand together. This includes using the same colors, font (face, size, etc.) and the same / similar phrases.

Alignment: When you had to type up a paper for school, you most likely had to format your paper in a certain fashion to keep your paper looking sharp and attractive; a requirement being to align your paper so that everything fit neatly against the left margin for improved readability. In terms of packaging, alignment is placing these words and phrases to do pretty much the same thing. Having your product name centered with whatever small words and phrases on either side is probably the best option. For example, on the front a beer can we usually see the beer name and style, sometimes it’s the brewery name or logo on top. The descriptive copy regarding that particular beer usually ends up on the side or back of the can. Due to the massive amounts of information we take in on a regular basis, we prefer taking in everything we need to know in seconds (Intuition I-10 West Coast IPA, Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout, Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp Belgian-Style India Pale Ale all follow this formula). Otherwise we move on.

Intuition Ale Works 1-10 West Coast IPA
Intuition Ale Works 1-10 West Coast IPA

Proximity: Ever seen a poorly constructed website with words so close together that you got a headache just looking at it? Well, the same idea pertains to product packaging. Using short “straight to the point” phrasing on the package as well as keeping enough white (or whatever color you want your background) space between each individual phrase can alleviate the problem. Definitely leave enough room for your product name. Remember: your product name is the most important item on the package.

Think about your favorite brands and what their packaging looks like. Then refer back to C.R.A.P. Do you think it influences how you choose your products? Sure, it’s a simplistic approach, but a good one to get a basic grasp. Naturally, we feel branding and package design is best left to folks who do it for a living – kinda like brewing beer for mass consumption is something best left to trained and experienced brewers.

Interested in learning how we approach package design or want to discuss this topic some more? Contact us.

Merry Christmas from your design-loving Freaks at The MAD HOUSE.