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The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

The Right Label is Articulating and Delivers a Simple Brand Promise

Our staff chipped in on this quick read regarding a Simple Brand Promise. Read on …

Articulating and delivering a simple brand promise can be difficult when you are trying to establish your company. You want to feed a need and satisfy a desire at the same time. This is something most customers are looking for when they make a purchase. 

Keep Focused

As companies and organizations grow, brand promises may become diluted and distract from the original idea. Not only is this dangerous territory, but it tends to confuse your customers. It results in lost profit and decreased visibility. 

In many cases, these problems arise because the business is trying to capture a wide range of markets instead of concentrating on their core audience. Always keep your main products in mind in order to stay focused on your promise to deliver quality. Whether you create craft beers and hard ciders or wines and juices, look at your labels closely to make sure they carry the right message to your customers. Hiring specialists for the job can help you hit ground running. 

Simple, Effective Labels 

An effective brand stewardship delivers your message while presenting it to your customers is an entertaining format. Keep it simple and direct, this will prevent your ideas from getting lost in busy labeling. Professional designs can embellish everything from your cans to the tap handles. They will get your message in front of customers in a variety of locations. 

The easiest way to meet your brand promise is to make the message clear with direct labeling on your website and in your marketing tools. Everything from your swag and sign to the napkins and placemats should work together to identify your product and your message. This identifies you the minute they see your logo.  Contact us to discuss how to keep your message from wandering and deliver on your promises.


Florida’s Forgotten Coast

Two of my favorite things. In Carrabelle, Florida.
Two of my favorite things. In Carrabelle, Florida.

My wife and I recently took a driving trip along that part of the Florida Gulf Coast known as the “Forgotten Coast”. This area includes Apalachicola, Eastpoint, St. George Island and Carrabelle. All are east of the Redneck Riviera (that area of beach communities stretching from Mississippi over to Panama City, Florida), and all that goes with it. Quiet, unhurried, and a step back from the hustle and bustle are all good descriptors for this area where the majority of the oysters produced in Florida are harvested. Rivers, bays and barrier islands create a perfect storm for fishing and quiet beach living. The fact that it’s not super easy to access also, thankfully, keeps the rowdy tourist numbers down.

We spent ten days wandering along the coast, eating as much local seafood as we could, and enjoying a number of nearly deserted beaches.

Here are a few photos from the trip. (click on photos for full size versions)

Sunset following a summer storm over Appalacicola Bay
Sunset following a summer storm over Apalacicola Bay
The docks along the Appalachiclola River in downtown "Appalach".
The docks along the Apalachicola River in downtown “Apalach”.
Building in downtown Appalach. There are a few renovations going on.
Building in downtown Apalach. There are a few renovations going on.
A boat next to the original sponge exchange. Appalachicola
A boat next to the original sponge exchange. Apalachicola


Building along the waterfront in Appalach.
Building along the waterfront in Apalach.

candyrodney chains b_w ConstructionBuilding door

Looking back towards Appalachicola from St. George Island.
Looking back towards Apalachicola from St. George Island.

Intuition Skinned!

New Web Skin for Intuition Ale Works – The MAD House

The MAD House recently helped Jacksonville, Florida-based craft brewery Intuition Ale Works continue freshening up their brand by designing a new skin for their web site.  Also, we carried the new design over to their email newsletter template. The new skin and newsletter template, designed by MAD Freak Derrit, contain elements from our previous can and tap handle design projects and help tie everything together in a neat package.

Keep an eye open for future fun from this groovy brewery.

Check out their site HERE.

Looking for web site solutions for your company? Let the seasoned professionals at The MAD House help. CONTACT US.