Photo: Geoffrey Ardini

Branding Reminders for Small Companies: 5 Steps to Stay on Track

Bethany Pinzur, MAD Blog Contributor-Freak, has 5 branding reminders to help keep small companies on track.

Branding opens communication with customers. It informs customers, past, present, and future of your company’s ideologies, goals, and services.

It is imperative, therefore, to ensure that your brand accurately represents those aspects at all times. As your business changes direction depending on demand, interest, and practicality, follow these steps to ensure that your brand continues speaking directly and authentically to each customer.

1. Remember

Seems so obvious, so why do some business owners seem to forget?

Maybe it is laziness, perhaps carelessness; regardless, avoid this mistake at all costs. Keep your brand in mind constantly, asking yourself if it still represents all you stand for and communicates it effectively to customers.

2. Evaluate Change

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business. Recognize change as it is happening to avoid surprises and careless mistakes: nothing says you do not really care about your brand like letting it get out-of-date. Take charge and take note of the direction your business is going.

3. Customer Feedback

Repeat with me, “Customers are the lifeblood of my company.”

No matter how well you think your brand represents your company, you must constantly keep in contact with your customers to see if they are accurately understanding what you are communicating. Invite feedback. Interact.

4. Redesign

And when the time comes: make changes.

Changes, big and small, attract attention. Modifying your brand shows innovation, courage, and growth. Keep the essence so current customers remain engaged, but redesign honestly to demonstrate developments in the company — and to attract new customers.

5. Advertise

Promote your shiny new brand.

Show customers that you are the same trustworthy company you have always been, but that you are listening to their feedback, expanding, and advancing. Nothing attracts customers like showing you go out of your way to reach them and listen to them.


To sum it all up, be careful, value customers, and take action.

Sound simple? It is.

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