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Communicating Brand Promise to Employees

This week, Quynh chimes in about your brand’s promise and your employees.

Chances are you have visited a store to find the employees working there to be unfriendly, unhelpful, and downright unpleasant. How can a store that supposedly values customer service hire those with negative attitudes toward customers?  It’s more common than you think. This scenario can manifest itself when a company grows and, with so much on its plate, starts losing track of its mission.

What are ways a company can prevent its brand promise from being diluted or misunderstood? Read on to find out.

1) Marketing

Many businesses spend millions on dollars on advertising, making sure consumers truly understand their brand. Yet, those same companies neglect to market to an extremely important group: their own employees. If they do not know exactly what your brand is about, how can they represent it and convey that to clients? Market so that your employees are as passionate about the brand as your most loyal fan base. Make sure everyone recognizes the company’s mission and all are employees determined to deliver the promise to customers.

2) Hire the right people

When you hire the wrong people, your brand can be damaged if they do not view the brand in the same way you do. This is why hiring the right people, who are passionate and representative of the brand promise, is so important. Train your recruiters and managers on what to prioritize in candidates, and make sure that they understand what makes your organization truly stand out.

3) Spell out meaningful actions

Educating your employees on your brand promise can be futile if it doesn’t translate into correct behaviors. This is why company leaders should lay out exactly what employees can do to further convey the brand’s message. For example, a place that values customer service above all else can endeavor to have staff smile and address the clients by their name if possible. Or a company valuing expertise can ensure their workers are up-to-date on any changes in the industry. Breaking down a brand promise into realistic actions will help your employees expectations and give them goals to strive for.

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