Design Innovative Packaging To Complement Innovative Products

MAD Contributor-Freak David Caissie is back this week and is suffering from innovative packaging on the brain.

So you think you’ve stumbled on the next truly great product to hit the marketplace, eh? You’ve got the next iPhone, Keurig, or portable GPS navigation system ready to take the world by storm; and it’s time to unveil it to the public with all the pomp and circumstance your organization can muster. There will be a press release, a PowerPoint presentation, and maybe even goodie bags for all your esteemed colleagues and guests to take home as a reminder of how awesome the product they just saw is. Guess what? It could all mean absolutely nothing if the packaging isn’t just as innovative as the product itself. When changing the world through product innovation, you also need strong branding and great packaging to effectively bring it to the people.

  • Consider The Experience – All of the Apple users out there know and love the experience of buying a new iPhone or MacBook. You remove the clear plastic film to unveil that plain white box. You gently slide the top portion of the box off the bottom to reveal your gorgeous state-of-the-art, brand spankin’ new iPhone … with no instructions of course. It’s the experience of knowing that you are buying something so incredibly cool that the written word isn’t even necessary or capable of accurately describing it. Just power it on and immerse yourself in the simplistic, but beautifully poetic design of the entire experience … Now that’s good packaging!
  • Go Green – If a customer is trying to choose between two very similar products, but one of them advertises eco-friendly packaging, it may be just the thing that sways them toward your product over the competition. Green packaging doesn’t have to be boring or look inferior either. It can be just as vibrant and eye-catching if that’s what you’re going for. Just make sure the customer knows that they are buying green, so hopefully it convinces them to buy your product instead of the other guy.
  • Dare To Be Different – Just because Apple has taken the idea of minimalistic design to new heights doesn’t mean you have to play copycat. The target audience for your innovative product may respond better to more substantial design methods. It all depends on what your product is and how that particular consumer sees themselves. For instance, a company like Lowe’s has used a bold blue color scheme and somewhat manly packaging design very successfully for many years now. The key is to know your product and your target consumer inside and out.

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