Traditional Media in a Social World — Is It Even Necessary?

MAD Contributor-Freak Ben Elijah discusses the necessities of traditional media.

As more and more people are using social media, marketers are left wondering whether traditional media is still necessary in a social world.

The answer is that of course it is. First of all, which business would give up an opportunity to reach yet another segment of the population? However, when digging deeper, we find that there are many advantages of traditional advertising over the newer methods. This holds true in radio ads, television ads, and good old newspaper advertisements.

The radio industry is still alive and blooming, despite Twitter and FaceBook. People enjoy listening to the good old radio for the news and to hear radio talk shows. Not everyone likes looking at a small screen all day. Radio is listened to in the car, at work, and while relaxing at home. The younger generation may use their smartphones a lot, but they still tune into radio shows on apps such as TuneIn Radio, so you will reach them as well.

Radio ads have the ability to be as effective as image based ads. Since there is no image to be associated with the product, sound effects and tone of voice can stimulate emotions, and really anything can be conjured up in the listener’s imagination.

With radio ads, you are always the main focus of your target’s attention. Unlike internet ads where your message is displayed as a side-note, with radio and television ads you are always at the center of attention, without any other distractions playing at the same time.

Newspaper ads also have a major advantage over internet ads: People reading a newspaper usually stay for quite a while on one story. This way, an ad can easily catch a reader’s attention. People on the internet, on the other hand, usually have a very short attention span, often quickly jumping from one story to the next, simply because there is just so much information out there on the web. Thus, readers are less likely to actually take the time to read an advertisement — they usually quickly scan through a web page and leave soon after.

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