Traditional Media In A Social World: Why It Still Plays A Vital Role

MAD Contibutor-Freak Ryan Canady has something vital to say about traditional media.

“Ding, Buzz, Ring”, these are the pestering and seemingly never-ending sounds that emit from the smartphones of well over half the United States population at this point. As a country we love our phones and the social media world that Silicon Valley has created for us. However, at some point it all becomes a little overwhelming. Not only are we constantly bombarded with information, photos, and quirky status updates from our friends, but we also must respond to a relentless marketing world.

Toning Out The Social Media Marketing

Once they caught on to the marketing potential of social media, businesses latched to it eagerly. They saw new markets to exploit and profit from, and they didn’t waste much time doing so. As consumers of this information, we were at first pleased to hear from the companies and brands we like, but soon it became annoying.

These days, many social media users simply ignore, block, or delete marketing messages that they receive via their social networks. It is because of this that markets must once again reconsider traditional media in a social world.

Traditional Media Is Not Dead 

Do not fear the headlines that serve up the idea that traditional marketing is gone once and for all. It is actually stronger than ever, albeit with more competition for attention. lays out just how wrong those who predicted the death of traditional media have been,

It’s been fashionable for several years to predict the impending demise of traditional advertising and marketing tactics such as TV, radio, and print ads. Marketing thought leaders have advanced this view in many of the best-known and most influential marketing books published during the past two-plus decades.

While this type of prediction is great for selling books, it is also something that marketers should patiently reject and ignore. There is no basis for it, and it could be costly to them if they take this prediction to heart.

Repetition Defeats Novelty

Social media advertising is flashy and unique by necessity. It is competing with literally millions of other potential websites that an Internet user can select from. By contrast, traditional media marketing is repetitive in nature.

While repetition is often scoffed at, research shows that human beings actually respond very well to messages that they hear often. The familiarity alone engenders warm feelings about the product. As such, there is certainly still a place for traditional marketing as part of the overall advertising world.

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