Why a Smart Business Owner Should Use Traditional Media in a Social World

By MAD Contributor-Freak Chris Coffee

For more than a decade now — as the internet has grown and developed an identity — the grip that traditional media held on the advertising dollar has loosened. The advent of venues such as YouTube and Facebook has provided businesses with a relatively inexpensive advertising platform.

And why not? The opportunities are vast; they provide advertisers a way to hit their target audience (via geo-fencing, honing in demographically, etc.); results are tracked and verified; and costs are built on cost-per-impression, cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand, and so on.

However — be it television, print or radio — there is a place for traditional media in a social world. When approached logically, traditional media can target a specific audience (a 25-54 demographic, for example) with verified results and at a controlled cost.

All media have their pros and cons. A simple Google search will give you plenty of material on why TV, print and radio are each better or worse than the other. However, know that advertising in your local media builds trust with your customer and shows commitment to the community.

There are several reasons why traditional media still is a viable option for advertisers. Consumers still tune into their local media sources for various reasons. Local media are the go to source for weather and news. And, despite the introduction of MP3 players and satellite radio, your local terrestrial radio stations have popular morning shows, run contests, cover local sports, and typically offer a variety of music or talk genres.


Consumers are drawn to local media that develop their own content. This is everything from local news events, up-to-date weather, area sports coverage and so on. As the pie continues to grow and shares continue to shrink, it’s this local content that’s vital to advertising success. Content is king.

If available, you should choose advertising opportunities that engage the consumer. Consider sponsoring or developing contests, sponsoring events, branding on specific pages, or even developing your own niche (i.e. being the legal or medical resource for the news department, or your restaurant being the house chef for the morning news program). The ideas and opportunities are virtually limitless, but it takes thinking outside of the box.

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