What’s the Value of Branding?

by madhouselarry contributor Joy Silha

Branding is a promise. It’s a promise that tells your consumer who you are, what you stand for and the great experience you’re going to deliver. In today’s world, promising a quality experience is what it’s all about.

So, what’s an experience?

It’s an adventure…an escapade…a happening …a lifestyle event….a new taste…something visceral. It’s emotional. It’s unique. A brand that delivers an experience connects a consumer to who they want to be.

Branding is about connecting to dreams and aspirations, and building a story that emotionally touches the consumer. When your consumer sees your brand, you want them to say: “That’s me! That’s what I want to experience or who I want to be!”

What does that do for you?

Consumers become advocates. They get on social media and scream about your brand. They rave about their amazing experience, they display the graphics of your cool product or service and they motivate their friends. They’re passionate. A brand that delivers an experience that connects to their dream of themselves is memorable, and consumers want to come back for more…with their friends.


How do small businesses create a brand that generates this kind of consumer passion?

Sure, Apple did it – think different, be creative, stand out from the crowd. Starbucks did it – enjoy a stimulating experience outside the home that is more than coffee. But how does a small business, a craft brewery, a bank, a restaurant or a local service create that kind of engagement? Here are a few tips:

  • Link your product or service to an experience that resonates with your audience. Give it feeling.
  • Hook into what your audience dreams about, what they yearn for, what they imagine.
  • Tempt your customers to buy your product or service through great design. Make it that good.
  • Communicate a “look” that suggests you are passionate about what you’re offering.

At The MAD House we think there’s one more important ingredient:  make your workplace exciting, engaging, fun and creative. Your brand or service reflects the soul of your organization – create an open environment so great ideas break the mold and come forward.

Branding’s value is its ability to you define who you are, you offer a unique experience and you engage people. Contact us if you want to disrupt the status quo and connect with your audience.