Using Traditional Media in a Social World

The question of traditional media in a social world has proven vexing to businesses in search of a marketing strategy. With many traditional media venues such as newspapers and magazines folding or else going entirely online, is it still worth using traditional media as part of your marketing strategy? An article in Forbes suggests that it is, but that you have to know where to look.

While newspapers and magazines are increasingly becoming scarce or expensive, a number of inexpensive ways to advertise still exist. If one is selective, newspapers and magazines can still be a great way to get your advertising message out, especially if they have both print and online editions.

Another method – You can have flyers printed up to be left on people’s doors and their car windshields. Direct mail is also a route to be considered. Even in the wireless internet age, this medium is still a good way to advertise, provided that your material is catchy and attracts the attention of the recipient. Targeting and quantity are important factors to consider here.

People still watch TV and listen to the radio, even if those two venerable mediums are increasingly streamed to smart phones and laptops. Ads still accompany most free for view TV. Out-of-home advertising like billboards and transit advertising are still an option for businesses who have the budget to pay for them. Again, a sound targeting strategy is required.

One other way to advertise that doesn’t involve getting directly into the online world is to sponsor local and regional events, such as music concerts or sporting competitions. Opportunities at events include banner placement, logos on t-shirts and event flyers, business name mentions in broadcast promotions, and even on-site sales opportunities.. Events are an awesome way to tie your business to the community. As a bonus, your brand will become associated with these popular events – Think Red Bull!

The point is that while social media like Facebook and Twitter, with its power to microtarget your customers, is all the rage, the more traditional mass media is still available and should be used as part of any company’s marketing strategy.

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