Guest Blogger, Liz Elam of Link Coworking: Top Ten Indicators it’s time to try out Coworking


As the founder of Link Coworking and Link Too, Liz Elam knows a thing or ten about work spaces. Here, she shares with The MAD House her

Top Ten Indicators it’s time to try out Coworking:

10. You’ve asked your dog/cat for feedback
9.    You don’t put on pants until you have to go out in the evenings to meet friends for dinner
8.   Your children know if you have the phone to your ear and you give them “that” look, and they know they have to be quiet because you’re working
7.   You know your UPS man on a first name basis and actively try to engage him in a conversation
6.  You spend over $250 a month at your coffee shop
5.   Your significant other isn’t happy to see you at the end of the day because you never left
4.   You’ve waited 30 minutes too long to ask a stranger to watch your stuff so you can go pee
3.   You’ve opened your fridge 20 times before noon
2.   You don’t have to laundry on the weekends because you did it during the work week
1.  Your office is in you home (which should be your haven not your workplace)

What is Coworking?

Austin has a vibrant Coworking community.  There are lots of flavors of Coworking, I suggest you try out  a few and see what suits your pallet –  because working alone sucks.


Liz Elam

Liz Elam
Liz Elam

Liz Elam has built a career – and a thriving business – on the tenet that working one’s way up from the bottom instills tenacity, resilience and overall excellence. That belief, blended with an innovative spirit and a competitive but collaborative drive, has landed her at the forefront of the coworking movement.
After working for Dell for almost 15 years, managing multi-million dollar accounts and emerging as one of its top sales executives, Liz forayed into entrepreneurialism and founded Link Coworking in Austin, Texas.  It’s more than doubled in size since 2010, and Liz has become a prominent voice in the coworking movement, hosting more than 250 international attendees at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) – the largest coworking conference in the Americas.  She’s garnered press in the Sunday New York Times, CNN, CNBC, Investors Daily and Inc. and proudly serves as President of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces. She’ll speak at the European Coworking Conference this fall and the Australian Coworking Conference in 2014.  When she’s not promoting coworking, Liz is eternally planning her next far-flung excursion.



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