Awards, Kudos and Such

We’ve been working on some pretty cool projects lately:

  • Craft beer cans, tap handles and web sites for a couple of different craft breweries
  • A continuing evolution of our bank client’s brand and personality
  • Some print ads and logo work for a company that quarries limestone and then intricately cuts it to architectural design specs
  • Print ads for a family of truly unique handmade percussion instruments.

We are, indeed, thankful for the clients we have and the trust they put in us to help them build brands that bring enjoyment to life.
Occasionally, we’ll send our work off to ad and design industry publications and web sites. Heck, sometimes they even contact us. Recently, our Intuition Ale Works cans, designed by Derrit Derouen,  were featured in CA’s online Exhibit. Our Hops & Grain Brewing cans and such are slated for It’s awesome to see our clients’ projects in the press!
We’ll even enter some things in ad and design contests. Every year, the Austin Advertising Federation holds a local ADDY Awards contest. Winners move on to District and National competition. Work we’ve done for some of our clients has won a number of these.
Another contest we enter every couple of years or so is the The New York City-based  Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards. We do this mainly to see how our advertising work for our Durango, Colorado bank client stands up to the big boys. We entered some radio spots and a web site back around the turn of the century. They both won Bronze. We entered a direct mail campaign in 2008. It won Silver.
This year we entered a print advertising campaign. And based on previous experience, we think it has a good shot at winning something, too. The ads are part of our ongoing “Happy, Friendly, Love-Fest” campaign. All were created by MAD Visiting Doctor Emeritus Steve Chandler.

"Bacon", The MAD House, Steve Chandler, Creative Director
"Friend Me", The MAD House, Steve Chandler, Creative Director
"Tellers/Listeners", The MAD House, Steve Chandler, Creative Director

I’ll update you after the FCS Portfolio Awards next month to let you know how we did.
Award hardware is fun. Good press is fun. They are excellent rewards and reminders that we really do create some cool and effective stuff.
In the meantime, if you live in Austin, pick up a 6-pack of Hops & Grain Pale Dog or ALTeration Ale – and if you live in Jacksonville and a few other lucky Florida cities, look for Intuition Ale Works Peoples Pale Ale, Jon Boat Coastal Ale, and I-10 West Coast IPA at your local grocer. Seeing these products off the shelf and in shoppers’ grocery baskets in a huge reward.
And, If you live in Durango, check out Bank of the San Juans. It’s One Big Happy Little Bank, and they really are happy, friendly folks!



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