Hops & Grain Can Manufacturing Day at Crown Cork & Seal: Photos

A whirlwind photo tour.

So, a couple of weeks ago, The MAD Freaks and our friends from Hops & Grain loaded up in a Suburban and cruised down to Conroe, Texas to oversee the first printing run of Hops & Grain ALTeration Ale and Pale Dog cans. The road with Crown Cork & Seal, up to this point,  had not been as smooth as we’d hoped. Getting the desired effects from concept to camera-ready art took some gentle nudging, but finally came out just right.

Our experience at the plant in Conroe, however,  was excellent. Head Quality guy, Dave Sorrenson did a fantastic job explaining the process and setting our expectations. There was a minor glitch with our red on the Pale Dog cans. The color numbers that supposedly matched our proofs was actually no where close. No problem for Dave and his team. They remixed inks to get us just what we were looking for.

The outcome was fantastic. They really look great. And this weekend, they made it to the first few retailers here in Austin.

And to top off the trip, we made a quick visit around the corner from Crown to Southern Star Brewing. Southern Star co-founder, Dave Fougeron, welcomed us with a quick tour and tasting. Awesome way to end the day.

Here are a few photos from our adventure.

Plates for Pale Dog
7-8 million cans a day. OK.

Josh inspects the first run.

ALTeration Ale cans fresh off the press.

Need a new can or label design? Let’s talk about it. Contact us!


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