Intuition Ale Works Gets The MAD House Treatment

Back in May of this year, The MAD House began a relationship with a groovy little brewery in Jacksonville, Florida. Intuition Ale Works had been kegging their beers for local consumption for about six months and Ben Davis, brewer and owner, decided it was time to start thinking about packaging.

These days it seems there are a whole bunch of craft breweries making the decision to package in cans, and Ben is one of them. Cans have a number of advantages on bottles: They don’t break, they don’t allow light to strike the beer, they are nearly airtight, they weigh less and they fit nicely into the ice chest. Another plus, many parks, pools and beaches do not allow glass bottles. And Florida is not lacking for parks, pools and beaches.

Ben liked the work we did for Hops & Grain Brewing and gave us a call. I pulled in Derrit Derouen, who was the designer on Hops and Grain, and we went to visit the brewery and got a feel for Jacksonville, a town on the craft beer frontier. We were blown away by the brewery, its tasting room, the awesome beers. and Ben and business manager Cari. And Jacksonville has a great craft beer scene.

Another craft brewer, Bold City, is just around the corner from Intuition. And, out at Jax Beach, brewpubs Engine 15 and The Green Room are starting to crank out some beers of their own.

Back to the cans. They have TTB approval and should be firing up their new Cask canning line shortly.

The can designs have gotten some beer press on There was also a recent design blog posting about them. Read more about it on here, on The Dieline .

Look for more goodies from us in the months to come.

Looking for shelf-popping package design? We can help. Let’s talk!


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