2010 GABF – Session 2

Some pictures from Friday’s Session #2 at GABF.

Started the day with Siebel’s Sensory Workshop.

Mike from Nashville, Oakshire's Jeff Althouse, Shane & Jim from Twisted X at Siebel.
Lynn Kruger of Siebel
Keith Lemke @ Siebel
Victory's Bill Covaleski at Farm to Table
Brian & Tammy Smittle from Austin's Thirsty Planet at Brewers Feud
Ska Brewing's Matt Vincent at Farm to Table
The popular Shorts Brewing booth
Sweetwater's Freddy Batch at Farm to Table
Yep. Bagpipes.
Left Hand's Eric Wallace at Farm to Table
Longest line. For Cheese.
Emergency re-load.
Brewers Feud losers, Iron Hill
Brewers Feud winners - 21st Amendment
Ed Stoudt from Stoudt's Brewing likes it.
Austin's Draft House in the house!
Charlie Papazian and Jim Koch.
Dig the 'stache.
Shane & Jim from Austin's Twisted X with John from Strange

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