About Ready to Drum Up Some Business

Nearly two years ago, the awesome designers at The MAD House helped develop a logo for a very unique percussion instrument. Mike Meadows and Eric Holland, who are responsible for inventing, designing and building the new instrument, called it The Black Swan.

Logo for The Black Swan Drum by The MAD House

The Black Swan boys went about talking up their new drum. They had a booth at PASIC, it’s had write-ups, and a number of world-renowned percussionists have added the drum to their quivers. But, while all of this was going on, Mike and Eric kept on dreaming up new instruments. Since the original Black Swan made its debut, the two have designed and built knock boxes, shakers,  cajons, swangos (wooden bongos) and more.

(That’s the “old” Swan Percussion logo at the end of the video, FYI)

So, now they have a product line and decided to call the company Swan Percussion. And, of course, we were happy to oblige when they asked us for a logo for Swan Percussion that would compliment the Black Swan logo and help give their company a recognizable identity in the marketplace.

Swan Percussion logo by The MAD House

Once again, The MAD House designers hit a homer. The new Swan Percussion logo will be laser cut into all of the compay’s products. A test run of the laser picked up and reproduced the distressed portion perfectly. Needless to say, the Swan boys are fired up.

Soon, The MAD House will complete work on Swan’s web site. I’ll update you when we get a little closer to launch.



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