ADDY Update – Digging District Gold

A while back I wrote about entering a few things in our local ADDY competition and how two of our entries won Gold. A big deal for us, because of our size. Unlike some of the larger shops (or factories) here in Austin, we only entered a few pieces. A little perspective: some of the bigger agencies here won twenty or more. We don’t have interns whose only job is to prepare competition entries. Still, we’ve been pretty consistent over our first twelve and a half years, winning something locally eleven of those years. We’ve had District recognition and a National ADDY, as well. Again, a drop in the bucket for the biggies. Where we can boast of winning over forty awards over the years, there are a couple of agencies locally who can boast of winning nearly that amount in a single year. It’s nice to know that no matter the size of the shop, there is always the potential to have top notch creative. So it goes.

So, our two local Gold winning entries were forwarded automatically to District competition held, this year, in Amarillo. I’m not sure what the competition was like in our categories (packaging concepts and book design), but District 10 (our district) includes Advertising Federation clubs from all over Arkansas (four clubs), Louisiana (three clubs), Oklahoma (two clubs) and Texas (nineteen clubs – yeah, it’s Texas).

Got the news a couple of weeks ago, one of our entries won Gold at the District level and is heading on to Nationals. Very exciting news!

Sadly, only one of the two won. I felt they both had a really good chance at moving on. Our book design piece, The Christian Heretic (Designed by Derrit Derouen and edited by Jim Shelton), did not make it. Disappointing, indeed. The short run book, which honors Jim’s dad, a Presbyterian minister, was elegantly designed. Our printer, EarthColor, besides working hard to get us deals on paper and foil stamping, provided excellent customer service and went the extra mile to ensure a quality job. Thanks to Jon Landau and the pressmen at EarthColor!

Moving on to Nationals are the label concepts we developed for Freetail Brewing, a brewpub in San Antonio. Freetail owner, Scott Metzger, was duly pumped when I told him the news just as he was getting ready to leave for the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago. Designer Luke, with guidance from Brandologist Chara, and excellent input from Scott and Freetail brewer Jason Davis, did an awesome job of bringing the Freetail vision to life. Congrats to all involved!

National judging takes place in early May. I’ll update when I hear more.

Now, I need a beer.



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