Wheeeeeee! Snow Day.

Snow in Austin. It’s such a rare occasion that, yes, it’s a big deal. Saturday it was clear blue and seventy-six degrees. Tuesday, gigantic snow flakes floated out the sky — and stuck! There were shots on the news of elementary school kids playing in the snow and my wife said, “You know, unless they’ve been somewhere else where there is snow, this is the first time many of these kids have seen snow.”

It’s been a while for sure. It fun to watch people sit and stare at the flakes coming down. Fun to watch folks find anything they can – from laundry baskets to food trays to kayaks – so they can slide down the nearest hill. Which, by the way, was mostly a mud hill by the end of the day. But still… Fun to watch Texans try to drive on the slick roads. “Hey, I got me some four wheel drive!” Yeah, try to stop.

Here are a few pics from the snow day.  Wheeeeee!


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