Hoping Lumpy’s IP-Alot Will Redeem for Botched Trunkload

Well, what started out as a good idea has gone terribly wrong. The Trunkload Oaked Chocolate Porter turned out to be a gushing, foaming turd. I either didn’t let it ferment long enough, or used too much priming sugar, or (most likely) let some kind on naughty wild bug infect the beer. No bottle grenades, but I’m dumping what’s left. Here’s what happens when I open them – and they don’t stop until it’s mostly gone. Check it:

With that disappointment out of the way, I set about brewing the next batch: Lumpy’s IP-Alot – an American IPA.  And after waiting forever to get a boil out the porter on the stove top, I finally dug the turkey fryer out of the storage room and did it the easy way. And, it was a helluva lot quicker. I know, I know – what took so long to use the proper tools.

So, with the gas cooker, and a nice clear evening, I got the IPA going. Great boil.  Wonderful aromas from the Columbus and Cascade hops. Interesting color. Anxious to see how it looks when it’s all settled out.

Brew day: Lumpy's IP-Alot American IPA

Now, it’s in primary and started bubbling away Sunday afternoon.

Will update with more pics and such when I move it over to secondary.



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