Satisfaction Guaranteed, Part 3

porterdavis autographed Less Paul. Agency wall candy. Pic: McIntosh
porterdavis autographed Les Paul. Agency wall candy. Pic: McIntosh

In my last two posts I talked about pro bono clients and the work we did for the American roots and blues band, porterdavis.

So, now it’s August and porterdavis is gearing up for the release of their new Gurf Morlix produced CD. The boys, along with their manager, Brandon Demaris, are following the path we all worked together to draw.

Everything is just starting to pay off – for the band, and for The MAD House. You recall in the earlier posts I mentioned the reasons for why we do pro bono work:

Perhaps it’s a struggling non-profit, or a cause we feel strongly about, or the opportunity to do some really killer work, or, perhaps a friend is in need. And then there are the times when we want to learn something new, maybe practice some new idea generation strategies, find new ways to expand our shop’s offerings.

Usually it’s just one of these things that hooks us. With porterdavis it was a combo pack. I considered Dan (and the band) a friend in need. Everyone in the shop digs their music, so that would make the band’s success a cause we feel strongly about. We like to think every client presents us with opportunities to do killer work like the porterdavis logo, and the white board sessions gave us a chance to hone our skills of gaining client participation in their own planning (helping show the way), extracting key information, and helping the client see the answers and create a winning action plan.

Sure, this kind of work is worth thousands of dollars, but in this case our compensation was priceless. It’s the deep seated knowledge that we did a great job for a great client and, through it all, built a relationship that will sustain and pay dividends for us all in the future.

Look for the new porterdavis CD in September. You can pre-order it here: And, if you get the chance, see the band live. You’ll be satisfied you did. Guaranteed.

Have a terrific week.



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