Secondary School or Geez, How Do You Read This Hydrometer?!

This is a follow-up to First in 16 – blogging about brewing my first batch of beer in 16 years.

For not having done this in quite a while, everything seemed to go as it should, except I had a heck of a time reading my hydrometer.  I think my OSG numbers were right on. Maybe.

Anyway, the primary fermentation took about 24 hours and a good stir to get churning, I kept it in the garage where it may have been a little cool for it. Once it started though,  it was off to the races.  I looked forward to going home from work and pulling into a garage that smelled like a brewery.  Excellent.

And on the seventh day, I moved it to secondary. It looked and smelled awesome. FSG numbers put the alcohol between 5.25 & 5.5. Was able to siphon over without too much sediment.  Corked it up with the airlock in place and stuck it back in the garage for another week of fermenty love. And it was good.

In the meantime, I found that I was painfully short on good bottles.  Enlisting the help of beer drinking co-workers, the good folks at Waterloo Ice House on Burnet Rd. and Flying Saucer in the Triangle, I should have more than enough for Friday’s bottle-fest.

So, until then, I continue to look forward daily to pulling into my brewery smelling garage.

Will update, perhaps with some photos, after bottling.  And of course, I’m always Tweeting.



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